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About Us
Some hobby shops are just that shops, places where you buy the things you need for your interest. Well Hobby Hangar is more than a store it's a place of expertise, a where you can hang out talk with others and get the sound advice you need before your next purchase.

Hobby Hangar History

In 1986, when Kwang had outgrown the back of his parent's Hallmark Gift Store, he opened the first Hobby Hangar location in Sunset Business Park in Herndon, VA. As the shop's popularity grew so did the need for larger retail space in so in 1989 Hobby Hangar moved to a larger store.

By 1991, the RC electric-car scene had exploded and Kwang saw a need for a place for people to race their cars. Hobby Hangar moved once again, and this time to Brookfield Corporate Drive in Chantilly, where they opened an indoor carpeted race track.

In 1995, Hobby Hangar moved to it's current location in Sullyfield Circle. The new location provided 3,000 square feet, which has since doubled to 6,000.

With 2007, Hobby Hangar is proud to celebrate it's 20th anniversary servicing Northern Virginia hobby enthusiasts. They are extremely excited about the technological advances in electric flight for airplanes and helicopters, making the activities accessible to more people.

Our Experts

- Kwang first became interested in hobbies at the age of 13, starting with free-flight and control line models. By the age of 15 Kwang graduated to R/C Airplanes and began working a paper route to fund his growing love-affair. He continued to follow his passion through to 1984 when he started selling custom built R/C airplanes from the back of his parent's Hallmark Gift Store.

Throughout the years his love affair with the hobby market has grown and today Kwang can be found flying an R/C helicopter or car in front of the shop. Through his many years of experience Kwang has become a resident expert in all hobbies ranging from cars, airplanes, helicopters and jets.

General Manager
- "Crazy" Bob is generally found perched atop his command center, he keeps a sharp eye on the day to day operations of the shop. However Bob, is more widely known for his insane specials and deals. Bob is a long time R/C fanatic with over 15 years of experience. In the mid-90's he dominated the local RC car race scene.
- At the young age of 10, Dave was a fervent follower of RC Car Action Magazine. And one Christmas he finally convinced his parents to get him a Traxxas Nitro car. To this day, Dave is extremely active in the local race scene and in February 2007 Dave attended Motor-rama in Pennsylvania. Be sure to see Dave with your R/C car related questions.
- As Hobby hangar's resident electric expert, Tyler has over 25 years experience in radio controlled hobbies. With Tyler's encyclopedic knowledge of all things electric, he is the go to person for electric motors, batteries, chargers, etc.
- With over 25 years experience flying R/C airplanes, Gary is the most senior member of Hobby hangar's staff. Gary is extremely active in the local flying scene. Be sure to come and seek out his help and advise.
- Mike is Hobby hangar's heli guru. With Mike's help Hobby hangar has become the go to place for RC helicopters in Northern Virginia.
Nelly - Nelly is the youngest of the Hobby Hangar crew. At 6 years old, she will happily greet you with a lick and tail wag. Nelly is eager to help retrieve any fallen RC car wheel, and will happily tidy up food spills. As a mini-poodle, Nelly is polite and sociable.